The benefits of talking to people...

1:47 PM

This really is wow. Just wow.

The other week I came home to find a lovely little parcel sitting on my bed.

A few weeks beforehand, at one of mum and dad's gatherings, I had been talking to mum's friend Janet about how much I loved vintage and my studies in costuming. Janet had recently married a man called Frank, who was a little older than her in years, moved into his huge old house, and was clearing through all the stuff he'd managed to hoard there. Janet was Frank's second wife, tragically his first wife was killed when a plane they were flying in crashed.

Apparently she was a bit of a socialite, back in the day, always dressed to the nines, she told me. 'She has so many accessories from the 30's- 50's, you would love them'. I would, I agreed.

I had no idea I would inherit them :)
It seemed they wouldn't be missed by the couple, and because of my 'passion', they had decided mine would be their perfect home.

This is what became mine:

3 adorable little purses

The gold is so marvellously iridescent!

I think the blue one's my favourite. Simply sparkles in the sun!

The pictures are just exquisite!!!

Some really valuable references :)

A hand beaded art deco belt! amazing!
though it's not really my colour and a bit big for me to wear.

3 pairs of darling vintage gloves! I love the embroidery on the cream ones.
The brown are slightly textured, and the white are mesh on the top.

WOW. Thankyou Janet!

Since then i've also received a huge box of vintage hats. i might share those later.
Moral of the story? Talk to people about what you love, what you're passionate about. Truth is, it might just pay off. It certainly did for me.

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