Easter nesting...

10:40 PM

I've never heard of anyone else who does this, and i'm starting to think that maybe it's just a crazy tradition my family invented. Supposedly it's a very German thing to do.

Ever since I can remember, we've made Easter nests, a special place for the easter bunny to leave the eggs in the garden, come that wonderful sunday morning. When i was very young these nests used to be constructed from freshly mowed lawn clippings, fashioned into little mounds and decorated with picked flowers and leaves and vines, hidden in the undergrowth of my backyard. When i got a little older, and the family grew with the addition of a new puppy, the eggs couldn't be left outside anymore for obvious reasons :)

So in the last few years (rather than let the tradition go) we've brought them inside, decorating old wicker baskets with material and flowers, and leaving them up high.

This year, thanks to a decade long drought in South Australia, we had no flowers in our yard (bar the odd terrible staining geranium and a lone hibiscus). Virtually no colour and vitality at all.

So I thought outside the square, and made my own.

Folded paper flowers, old pencils, fabric remnants and copious amounts of sticky tape.

Note: This one bunny is all that has survived since easter morning. Those cravings really do get the best of me :)

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