Getting ready fur winter...

5:19 PM

Picked up this beautiful tie-through scarf and matching gloves last week... I almost walked straight past them displayed in the window but I had to go in and check them out!!! I'm not usually one for leopard print but this seems to be just the right type. And it really is very vintage inspired! I'm thinking now I need to find/make myself a nice high-necked black dress to go with them.

Faux leopard fur scarf and matching gloves; Paisley Btq, Glenelg

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  1. Love your gloves!
    I'm looking for a pair like this, but I don't find it in France!

    Yours, are perfect !

  2. Maybe if you found some plain ones, you could stitch some faux fur around the bottom? Thats a good idea actually. Might try that myself next time :)
    I'll keep an eye out for some more, just in case they crop up again. Then maybe i could send you some?


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