Humble beginnings...

3:41 PM

I've had this blog ready for a few years now, but never felt intelligent, prepared, organised, or inspired enough to use it, nay, even start it. Truth be told, I'm still a little unsure.

But on this cold, grey, wintry, autumn day (my favourite type of day, in fact), I've decided to go for it.

Hello, internet, and all you lovely peoples.
My name is Erin, and i hail from Adelaide, South Australia.

This is how I generally appear.
Blonde, pale, and lying on my trampoline.

Nice to meet you all :)

I like colours, wonderful beasts, nice surprises, swing dancing, ska music, chocolate everything, drawing, whimsical photographs, the smell of rain and baking, and accumulating more books than i will ever be able to read. I am studying costuming (though that may change soon), and am developing an inexorable adoration for all things vintage.

I dont like smelly people, too much furniture, cold meat, dishwater and MOTHS. The last is my phobia, i'm not sure why.

welcome to my blog.

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