The tumult that has been this last month...

10:40 PM

I apologise for my virtual complete disappearance for this last… well quite a while really. But I assure you it has been well warranted. It really has been a month to change my life.

In the last few weeks I have: been horribly depressed, left for Melbourne, attended the 20th AGIdeas design conference, been completely and utterly inspired, changed my whole perspective about where I want to be in my life and what I want to do, worked up the courage to start to follow my dreams, come back to Adelaide, withdrawn from my costuming course at TAFE (and decided to apply for a course in Graphic design next year), decided to spend the rest of this year working – but then felt the unyielding urge to travel, returned to work, found it’s not enough to survive on let alone save up for adventures, procrastinated writing any sort of functional job application, and then been struck down by the MOTHER of all flu-type colds. I’m really only just picking up the pieces now.

While I’m now moving forward again (I have written my resume and applied for a few new jobs, yay) you can understand why I have been a little uninclined to blog of late.

This is probably more insight to my life than is welcome. It has been hard.

Thought I might like to return to posting, though, with a few things that have made me happy of late.

Because it’s always important to smile.

Funny faces

Dessert to die for

Laneway Discos

Fabulous Fabrics

Train Station Philosophy

Street Art Ingenuity

Sleepy tongue-rolling Beagles

Accidentally lovely hairstyles

Lense flares

and photos of boyfriends that look like this

and not this

(although in all honesty both make me smile :D)

Hope you have something to smile about too.


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