Chocolates and charming dresses...

5:29 PM

I have a new job :D
And it's not just any job, its at Bracegirdle's House of Fine Chocolate.

So pretty much a dream job for me!

I've been working fairly full on for a few weeks now, and for the most part, I've been doing nothing else. It's exhausting, and a little depressing to not have time or energy to do much else, but I've needed to remind myself that this is what I wanted; a full time job in a beautiful

environment, to save up lots of money :)

It really is lovely though; the other staff are so welcoming and patient (and generally beautiful people!), and the chocolate is abundant. think i've tried the majority of handmade little-pieces-of-awesome in the cabinet, and most of the menu! But you would too, especially if you were looking at these every day!!!

Aren't they incredible?! like little amazing edible pieces of art.

Although most of the money I'm earning is going into saving, I have splashed out on a few things of late. Firstly, this gorgeous Raspberry 1950's Serbin Shirtwaister, found on etsy.

I cannot tell you how much I adore this dress. So beautiful and comfy and swishy!!!!! Couldnt be more happy with it! It did cost a little bit more than I'd expected, unfortunately; I hadn't realise the aussie dollar had plummetted against the US dollar, oops! but it really has turned out to be worth it.

Here's a taster of another pretty little thing i found on etsy. It's also 1950's i think. I have hesitated to wear it; it turned out to be more cream-coloured than i was expecting, and im not sure if it goes well with my pale skin. i dont want to look naked!!! but it really is beautiful, and fits just like a dream! It also appears to be handsewn.

This is the only picture I've managed to take of it yet, stay tuned.

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