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3:39 PM

Sorry it's been so long. Part of my trouble with lack of posts is that I'm not entirely sure where I want this blog going; I don't know whether to keep it vintage themed, or be a little more broad and include other things, ie. books, street art, crafty things, chocolate and other interests etc.

For today, i'm going to stick with the vintage theme.

We stock these Abbondio soft drinks at Bracegirdles. They are imported especially from Italy. Some flavours aren't for everyone; the tonic water is a bit peculiar and the cola is definitely a different taste than I'm used to. I can really recommend the mint lemonade though, it's unusual but refreshing! I also really quite liked the the berry one.

But I didn't just buy them for the taste, of course. Just look at the design of the packaging!!!

I think those pin-ups are adorable, cheeky,beautiful and oh-so glamorous! I had to collect the whole set.

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