Holy Guacamole!

10:23 PM

Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a HA-HA-HA-HUGE fan of ska music, especially third wave. And third wave ska doesn't really get much bigger than Reel Big Fish.

I got to see them last Sunday night, and to top things off they were touring with the Aquabats!!! Needless to say when i got my ticket i was more than just a little bit excited.

If you don't know who these bands are, you have a lot of research to do! To put it plainly though, they are a hip-shaking, head banging, body flailing, funky dancing helluva good time. And in the case of the Aquabats; a SUPER RAD, blue rashie-wearing, crime fighting band of superhero dude men.

I'm not kidding. They couldn't possibly be more awesome.

Just to balance things out, I'll show you a little Reel Big Fish too...
Their cover of A-ha's Take On Me. Love it a million times more than the original.

I wish I'd taken pictures on the night, but I was too busy dancing. I literally skanked off my earrings! And they were my favourites, too :( But it was worth it!

I have some of my own photos of them to show you, though, from this year's Soundwave Festival; both bands were here then. Enjoy the epic awesomeness! And if you ever get the chance to go see them, take it :)

Reel Big Fish frontman Aaron Barrett and his funky sideburns

Eagle Falconhawk, Crash McLarson and the Commander himself of the Aquabats

The Bat Commander :)

I have a few more gigs coming up; it seems the season of awesome is well and truly underway! I'm going to No Sleep Til on Wednesday; most keen for Dropkick Murphies, NOFX, A Day to Remember, Frenzal Rhomb, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and House vs Hurricane. None are ska, but theres a whole lot of crazy-good music in that line-up. I'll keep in touch.

Feel free to check out a little more ska; there's nothing makes you feel as good as a little upbeat guitar and a horns section.

Love x

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