New dresses

3:50 PM

Well hello there, It's been a while!

I can't even begin to explain my absence (well, I could, but it may take some time :S) so I thought I'd just distract you with some nice outfit posts!

Both of the dresses below were purchased recently on etsy, along with a number of other pretty goodies; I may have gone a little crazy lately with online purchases due to the wonderful high australian dollar, oops! Both of these have become my new favourites!

red pumps- Rubi Shoes
1950's flight hostess hat - Dangerfield
red rose earrings- Sportsgirl

This one's definately 1970's- early 80's, but i really like the 40's styling, with the puffy sleeves and shoulder detail.

This dress is also much younger than I'm usually into (being 80's) but still has that pretty old school styling to it. I'm usually wary of shoulder pads but these give just the right amount of sqaureness! I also adore the nautical print.

80's Nautical print dress- Salvage Life on etsy
Shoes- Spendless

Oh, and this is Charlie. He likes to help.

Well, that's it for now. I've been super busy getting ready for my portfolio presentation; I'm applying to study graphic design next year. If i get in, my adventures will have to be put on hold, but I don't mind. I'm super keen to get learning!

See you again soon!

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