Outfit post: black and white polka dots

6:18 PM

This is the outfit I wore to the shops today after work. The hat is new (well, new to me; its 1950s vintage) and this was its first outing! Seems to be made for the dress, don't you think?

1950's hat- CorkSpork on etsy
polka dot earrings- gifted
vintage gloves- my mother's
lace butterfly brooch- my mother's
heels- Wittner

I may or may not be dancing in this photo :)

I didn't buy anything at the shops, but it was a nice outing; I was called 'darling' by two different shoppers, and one lovely old man stopped me to say that he thought i looked delightful, and that more 'young ladies' should dress as i did! I was super flattered!

It's sort of hard to see here (especially because I managed to take these pictures after my excursion and I'm a little windblown) but I wore my hair up with one roll on the side and the back rolled up with a rat and pinned in place. SO quick and easy to do!

A closeup of mum's brooch. It has a few little stains here and there but it's so sweet. So glad i rediscovered it!

These beauties are LEILAH's from Wittner, bought on super- sale a few months ago. So pretty!

See you again soon

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  1. I think this is one of the best vintage outfits I've ever seen!I'm your newest follower :)

  2. This is such an elegant outfit! And what a lovely old man! :)


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