Pincurls and Murphys...

12:24 PM

Hello again!!!!

Last night I finally made my way back to swing after a few months hiatus (due to working on my graphic design portfolio). Though I'd pretty much forgotten how to dance -It'd been so long!- it was an incredible night with some wonderful friends and made a lovely change from staring at a computer screen or a sketchbook!

I thought I'd show you how I set my hair for the evening. I've been experimenting a bit with curls lately, trying to find the best way to get the curls to stay as my hair is quite long at the moment (a few inches below my shoulder blades) and seems to be a bit too heavy for them. The easy solution would be to cut it shorter, but i just can't bring myself to do it! I love my long hair, and I think I'm a bit too sentimentally attached.

Last night I tried pincurls. So far I've found they have the best holding power, better than foam or hot rollers. This was only for about 2hours in between work and going out, so they're much gentler curls, set with only a bit of water and some hairspray. But i was pretty happy with the result!

Please excuse the work uniform and the dim bathroom :P

The setting 'pattern' I used. The curls are rolled towards my face on either side.

Just after taking the pins out - ringlet curls! They're a bit loose, as some parts were still damp.

And after a bit of brushing!

I was super pleased with the curls around my face!

Unfortunately it didn't stay this nice very long, thanks to a combination of lack of hairspray and a really fast dj set (and some brilliant live music thanks to the Keswick brothers). All worth it though!

I also had tonnes of fun on Wednesday at No Sleep Til! Danced like a fool to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes (a crazy-awesome punk rock cover band), flailed to Frenzal and sang my heart out to A Day to Remember. All a little removed from my ska/rockabilly/swing roots but still so much fun! But enjoyed Dropkick Murphys best, by far. They've been one of my favourite bands since FOREVER. I'll give you a demo; you might recognise this song from the Departed, or if you're here in Australia, you would have heard their music on the AFL ads for the last couple of years. I reckon they're brilliant :D

Finally, just a quick thankyou to the lovely Sasha of Astral Boutique for featuring my photo on her blog! You can see it here. Be sure to check out her store if you love beautiful whimsical things :)

Til next time!

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  1. oh with bobby pins! i did it two times and my pins where so damaged after it :( not so strong and half open! but i liked the result :D


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