A very colourful Christmas...

2:52 PM

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I know I did!

My brother David and I iced honey biscuits. They're meant to be christmas coloured, but the 'pillar box red' turned out to be more pink.

My presents under the tree, and some of Davids. Don't they look wonderful? Rainbow wrapping from ikea.

A miniature gingerbread village, at my boyfriend Jordan's house.

So much incredible food!

Two of my cousins, and their ever-changing hair :)

One of my brother's presents, a frog from Haigh's (it has two little chocolates in its back). He's dubbed him Hector. I think he's the most well dressed little fellow I've ever seen!

My present from Jordan's family; a STUNNING quilt handmade by his mum. The colours are SO PERFECT, it's the most beautiful thing i've seen, ever. I was completely overwhelmed! Just a little bit happy in this photo.

He's such a graphic designer :D this made me smile so much, how he'd wrapped it.

And some more of my presents!

In the background, my new AMAZING print from Angelique Houtkamp! I can't believe it!!! Been wanting one of those for a while now, and Jordan really spoilt me with this one! Her name is 'Emilienne', and she's exclusive to Outre Gallery. Couldn't me more overjoyed!

I also got a tabletop easel for my illustration, art supplies, Coraline on dvd (one of my favourite movies EVER), a gorgeous little tin box full of chocolate coins, some jewellery, gift vouchers, movie tickets, renewal of my Frankie subscription and their SPACES book (which is beautiful, might i add!), a gorgeous little felt notebook and some money to spend in Bali, when Jordan and I go in January.

I've been well and truly spoilt! Hope you were, too!

I wanted to show you a picture of what I wore all Christmas; a gorgeous 1940's dress in a beautiful green print (you can see a little in the photo above with the quilt) which arrived on Christmas eve from salvagelife on etsy. I might leave it for a while, as I ate enough for five people over christmas, have blown up like a balloon and I'm a bit embarrassed by the pictures i took, to be honest. I think I know now what my new year's resolution is going to be! But I will give you a glimpse; this is the pintucked detail at the neckline, it's also at the top of the patchpockets on the skirt. More pictures later, I promise!

The print is perfect, So suited for the season!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Wow the christmas dress is gorgeous! love the neckline detail :-) Also a massive angelique fan, I have a tattoo on my back of 'Marie' and my man purchased a print from outre gallery of 'Damita' I love having it on the wall. Yours will look great I'm sure! Glad I found your blog through Andi B Goode.
    P.s. Frankie magazine rocks!

  2. You sound like someone i'd get along with swimmingly!!!
    I have been a fan of Angeliques for a good long time now, it seems her appeal is universal!
    Glad to have you here :)


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