My 21st Birthday

2:13 PM

Hello everyone! Hope you've all been well!

Tuesday the 4th was my birthday, and I turned 21! 
Here's what my day looked like:
(WARNING: Image heavy!)

I woke up fairly early and had presents with Jordan and my family. I got lots of lovely things, including money and vouchers. And then Jordan floored me with an iPod touch! I really wasn't expecting it! Wow!

This was part of Jordan's wrapping for my iPod. He hand designed the type for my name, scanned it into the computer and then vectorised it. It's immaculate. I wish I could sign my name like that all the time!

Seeing as going out to breakfast is probably my favourite thing to do in the whole world, I then headed into the city to meet up with some friends for breakfast :). We went to Al Fresco's East End Gelateria and Pasticceria. Their breakfast menu has everything a person could possibly need; bacon, eggs, crumpets, muesli, waffles, croissants, and even a bit of history :)

Heaven on a plate, in the form of mixed berry crepes with vanilla bean gelati. YUM.

I got some wonderful gifts from some very dear friends! These gorgeous flowers were from Ruth.

Books of every kind...

The most well dressed little notebook i've ever seen!

Stunning jewellery!

...and accessories.

... And a little bit of fun with Mario! woohoo!
Oh no, my inner geek has been revealed :)

After breakfast, I also had the chance to go for a bit of a wander around the shops, to spend some of the money I'd been given.

I bought myself a new perfume! After browsing (a lot!) I settled on this one; It's Couture Couture by Juicy Couture. It's young, light and a little bit fruity. Lovely!

This wooden wall hanging and GORGEOUS little pink flamingo brooch are from Bauhaus. Note: they don't have their own website, so I've linked to ladymelbourne's review of this beautiful gem of a shop :)

I also bought Curvy 7. This series of books seeks to showcase the best new female artists and their works from all over the world! I have a few previous copies. It's an absolute visual treat, and so inspiring.

I got home from the city to find a surprise waiting for me; a package with my new Trashy Diva dress! I was so excited until I opened it... and the dress was wet! Not just a little damp either, completely soaked through, so much so that when I unfolded it it dripped all over the floor!!! I panicked a little at this point, as it also had a bit of a musty smell. I still don't know what happened, maybe they dropped it into the ocean on its way over? 

Anyway. I got onto it pretty quickly and gave it a good thorough hand wash. And much to my relief it came up just fine :) After it was dry, i tried it on.

Okay. New favourite dress alert.

The cut is BEAUTIFUL. It has beautiful wide shoulders, a beautiful low neckline and beautiful drapes at the front. And that waist; so nipped and tiny! And the cherry print! LOVELY.

'Sadie' dress in cherry- Trashy Diva
Hibiscus- from the garden
Red pumps- Rubi shoes

Not long now, everyone :) I do apologise for the length of this post, but it's almost over. I assure you!

For dinner I caught up with my family, Jordan's family and my brother's girlfriend Megan. We went to Good Life Modern Organic Pizza at Glenelg. The food there is fantastic; as the name suggests, it's all organic vegetables, local produce and free range meats. I forgot to take any pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it :)

Me and my lovely mother (and a glimpse of dad in the background).

Another awesome thing about Good Life is that they have brown paper table coverings. Not only are you allowed to draw on them, but you're actively encouraged to. We spent to evening trying to get as much table coverage as possible!

This was my corner...

And David's. I think he won for area covered.

...And that was my wonderful day. Thankyou for sharing it with me.


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  1. LOVELY eri!!!!!!!!! im so glad you posted this gives me a great picture into your day!!! LOVE it and WOW that dress, LOVE the design and how it sits on you and not to mention the hair and the pumps aww lovely eri!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I can see that you had a fantastic day. That new dress is gorgeous! I must rush over and check out their website right now xo

  3. Well happy birthday to you!! Lovely dress and how sweet all the things are that you got.

  4. Aw, happy belated. Sounds like you had a great day. =D
    =Andi x

  5. Beautiful dress! Love the way you pair all the accessories and shoes with it. Looks very put together :)

    VPV Intern

  6. Happy Birthday! Such gorgeous presents! And gooorgeous Trashy Diva dress, too. I am always interested to see them in 'real life' (well, kind of!) because I want to get one, but want to be sure! Yours looks amazing! :D

  7. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!!
    I am sure you all had a wonderful day!

  8. To everyone; Thankyou all so much!

    Marianne: The dress was a little on the pricey side, but because i'd been so good *ahem* over christmas, it was a bit of a treat :) I'd definitely recommend one as an investment dress, this one is rayon, durable and so beautifully cut! Absolute quality :)

  9. I see you had a wonderfull birthday! i just adore that litlle sweet pink flamengo! reminds me a bar here in Gent also caled pink flamengo and its so so so cool! full of vintage goodies around!

  10. Super Mario!!! Excellent pressies, looks like a great day, that cherry dress is just amazing, perfect fit :)


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