Great hair needs to be shared!

12:12 AM

Don't you think?
Pardon the rhyme, I do apologise.

I also apologise too, for how quiet it's been around here. I'm so sorry! I feel like i've virtually dropped off the map in the last week or two! Tafe has started with a bang, so unfortunately my mind has been on other things than this blog, namely typography, learning to use adobe illustrator and trying in vain to manage a vaguely realistic self portrait; I've always been a cartoony type illustrator so my drawn eyes are looking kind of huge and buggy. Nevermind. I'm having a ball.

I was browsing through some old photos recently, and I stumbled upon this one. My hair here is kind of fantastic, if I do say so myself :). To be honest I think it's because I didn't technically do it! This was from 2009, after a huge night at the Helpmann Academy Gala dinner as a 1959 model/usher/hostess/auction-helper/whatever. This was part of a costume assignment for Tafe; we designed and made dresses to fit in with the theme, got all dolled up by the hair and make-up students and just generally wandered around looking fabulous all night. It's was a hard job, but someone had to do it :) I must say though, this sultry little wave only came into being after the evening's festivities, after i pulled all 50-something bobby pins out of this sculptural creation.

I mention it, because i haven't managed to get a wave so perfect since. I'm having a tremendous amount of difficulty keeping in a curl now that my hair is so long. As I've mentioned before, though, I just can't bring myself to cut it shorter. I think I still have childhood dreams of mermaid hair down to my butt :)

Any of you lovelies have tips for keeping curls in long hair, or methods of setting to get that perfect veronica lake wave?

Love, and thanks for bearing with me :)

PS- For those of you who are interested; this was my dress. It's the first one I ever designed, patternmade and constructed all by myself. YAY :D

worn with seamed stockings, sky-high Sportsgirl stilettos, 1950s diamante jewellery and navy embroidered vintage gloves.

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  1. Beautiful hairstyle, it's just so elegant, and I love that dress too!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  2. Wow gorgeous hair and an AMAZING dress, well done! :)

  3. I was going to do that gala night thing but they just wanted me to wear my own clothes and do my own hair and make up. Where's the fun in that?
    I use Lotta Body setting lotion, which I had to get someone to send me from the States, and set my hair for at least 6 hours to get it to set properly. It'll last at least 3 days, too. But then my hair definitely needs to be washed. Ick.
    -Andi x

  4. Hi! I just stared reading your blog- nice to see another stylish Adelaide girl about the town :-)
    I agree with Andi, I do a set with sponge rollers on almost damp hair and sleep in them at night, it lasts me a 3-4 days but my hair goes gross after that! I dont really use any sort of setting product as my hair is highly bleached and holds a curl really well, but when I use hot rollers or tongs, I use Iron Silk 07 by Redken- gives you heat protection and a nice hold when you brush it out.
    If you come to Kustom Kulture at the Highway this year my friend Jen (from Paperdoll Pinups) and I are doing vintage styles on girl's hair so come along and have yours done or just check out how we do it!
    x Molly

  5. Thanks so much everyone, for your kind comments and advice! I'll definately have to experiment a bit more.

    Andi; aww, you should've! I agree though, it definately would have been more fun to be pampered, too :)

    Molly; I'm so glad you commented, i think i've seen you around at a few events and always loved how beautiful your hair is! It's always perfect! Nice to know another fashionable face in Adelaide for sure. I'm intending to be at Kustom Kulture this year, so i'm sure i'll see you around.

  6. Seriously enjoying your beautiful blog!!



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