A wall full of inspiration

11:40 PM

Hello again!

With the start of a new year comes all sorts of new inspirations. I've decided to start a new wall collage as the new year of school starts, so I've cleaned off my old collage and put up a few new things. It'll grow as the year progresses, I'm sure.

Here's a look at last years wall, and the things that inspired me then. It's also a bit of an insight into part of who I am as a person. Maybe there's something up there you identify with, too?

Jordan's 'Timber Toys' lino cut packaging design
Swing dancing
Business cards and letters from vintage etsy sellers
Hero Vintage swing tag

Love postcards from Jordan <3
My own little cartoon.

Most of these are linked. If you like art, illustration, or just want to click around a little, take a look :)

I'm really interested to know; what's inspired you over the last year? Do you have a wall? Or a folder, or scrapbook, or a file on the computer?

Til next time!

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