It never rains, but it pours.

8:22 PM

I havent had the best week this week. I'm quite behind in my tafe studies, because I thought i'd be really smart and work some nights and weekends as well as study. This meant I ran out of time for homework, and I didn't sleep enough, and so I got sick. On Thursday morning, I was heading in early to chat to my lecturer about the work I was missing, and my car broke down in peak hour traffic. I had to wait an hour for roadside assist, then longer for a tow truck, and I didn't make it to tafe at all.

Today, I'm feeling much better. I have my car back, and the repairs cost slightly less than quoted. I got a concession refund for my tafe fees, and it turned out to be more than expected! And today is beautiful, grey, overcast and cool. I can smell the moisture on the air and it's wonderful.

Dress - Stop Staring
Vintage 1940s jacket and beret - my mother's
Mary janes - Novo

It's going to pour tonight! I can't wait, i love the rain! The first drops are starting to fall now.

I have to mention here that I really have a wonderful boyfriend. When I was upset, he came to see me with a big hug, a box of chocolates (which went very quickly!) and not one, but two bottles of iced tea :) Both peach and raspberry, he said he wasn't sure which I felt like, so he bought both! What a gentleman! Thanks Jord, I love you.

Hope all is well in your world xo

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  1. awww.. sorry to hear you had a crappy week. Gotta be on the up now right?
    And yes - your boy sounds like an absolute gem! :) Love the red!

  2. what a gorgeous red. Hope your week this week will be amazing.

  3. Gorgeous dress dear...its quite lovely on you. I hope the next week is looking up for you. Glad to hear you have a wonderful boy to make you smile at the end of the day! He sounds lovely indeed.

  4. You have a very sweet boyfriend :) I'm sorry about your bad day. I would have been mortified! I'm happy everything turned out okay :)

    You look lovely! I love it all! It rains here a lot in April, so I can't wait! And I'm totally jealous you are wearing a coat! I think it is officially spring here!


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