My first bali buy

2:34 PM

I must admit I'm just a little bit excited it's Autumn. I'm really not one for sweltering summer weather, and I'm so thankful we only had one or two days over 40degrees celsius this year. It's unseasonable for it to be so mild, but I'm not complaining :)

Today is one of those perfect days, not too hot, not too cold. Though I'm pining for colder days so i can get my lovely big coats out again, today the weather really is beautiful! I have a day off from tafe study, and I wish I could pull you all here through my computer screen, and we could all go out and have a picnic somewhere.

Its the perfect opportunity to pull out this dress. I bought it in Bali, from the markets in Ubud. The design is one that you see almost everywhere over there, rows upon rows of stores selling the same. Despite its mass production i thought the batik print was beautiful. It's elastic at the top, and a very soft cotton so it's comfy; and to me it was just a little bit 'tiki'.

Batik dress - Ubud markets, Bali
Shoes- Target
Beaded necklace and earrings - gifts from beautiful friends :)

My hair is up in loose rolls, secured with bobby pins but nothing else. It makes a nice relaxed look, I think :)

Wishing the nicest of days for you, too!
Love xo

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  1. It is a seriously great print! I love a good black-and-white pattern. The relaxed rolls are pretty awesome too - do they stay up all day? I seem to find when I try that (or when I used to when I had longer hair) they would all fall out.

  2. Hep~Kitten; Thankyou! x

    Rebecca- I've had them in for a few hours now and they are still holding ok. They slip a little down my head, but i don't mind that look as a change from the stiff upright ones, perhaps more suited to an evening out.

  3. V pretty dress, and I'm loving your hair! :)

  4. this is gorgeous!! I love it so much!! I'm glad you found it!! I featured it as modest inspiration of the day at and it will be featured at my blog this weekend as well.

  5. I love your hair and your dress! You look lovely :)

    ♡ mrs amber apple

  6. What a beautiful dress! It makes me want to go on vacation. So summery and unfussy!

  7. I loove your style and all your outfits! And the blog looks lovely. You are a big inspiration for me. Take a look at my blog:

  8. Love your hair! And the dress looks so pretty and fun to wear! :)

  9. Thanks so much, everyone, for all your kind comments :)
    You've made my day!

  10. Lovely dress and beautiful hair, you look absolutely stunning!!! :)


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