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11:59 AM

I spent the whole of Saturday at the Soundwave Music Festival! I've been the last 3 years now, and it never fails to be an amazing day out.

For one thing, the people-watching is amazing. It's somewhat of a past time for me; I find it fascinating the diversity of people in this world, and at an alternative event like Soundwave the contrasts between personalities stand out even more than usual :)

There were punks,
 photo courtesy snappy tom

Death metal kids and goths;
 photo courtesy snappy tom

photo courtesy triple m

Extreme body-modders (some with amazing tattoos, some with terrible ones :S)

Metalheads (so much hair);

Photo courtesy Nic Bezzina

Hardcore kids:
Photo courtesy Nic Bezzina

...Scene kids, quintessential Aussie bogans, Rockabillies, one or two vintage honeys, and everything in between.

There was also a pirate;
Photo courtesy Nic Bezzina

And even a mexican or two.

But it's not just about the people, right? It's about the MUSIC!!!
Due to the fact DSLR cameras weren't allowed in, and because Jordan and I ended up seeing most of the bands we wanted to see on a stage under a giant tent, most of my feeble little point-and-click photos ended up like this:

So disappointing!!!!!! *sigh*. But i do have one or two passable snaps of my most favourite bands of the day.

Less than Jake are one of my favourite bands of all time. I've seen them countless times and their particular brand of 90's third wave ska-punk is addictive and so fun to jump to! 

My other favourite band of the day was the Mad Caddies. Also third wave ska, but with countless other influences, like polka, swing, vaudeville, spanish, reggae (they even have a pirate song?!?!), and they're SERIOUSLY DANCEABLE. 

I have to include two songs from the Caddies, apologies! But you have to hear this one too :)
So much fun, so silly :D

The rest of my day was more pop-punk; the other bands I saw include New Found Glory, Pennywise, Anberlin (who I LOVED but only saw for a few songs before we had to RUN over for the Caddies),  The Ataris/MXPX and Veara.

I can't wait for next year :)
Hope you all had a great weekend, too.

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  1. This looks like a blast on friday I went to see The Adicts with my sister I actually like watching how every single person is different also and sometimes you see some vary random things like the pirate lol.


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