A Wonderful Weekend

7:49 PM

On Saturday night I went out into the city with the marvelous Andi B Goode and our lovely friend Abi.

We went to see World War Wonderful, a cabaret on as part of the Adelaide Fringe festival.

The show was superb. We, the audience, were treated to a USO style show presented by the 'Wonderful Sisters', a trio of songstresses not unlike another boogie-woogie wartime group of girls you may have heard of :) The voices were incredible; and the original songs were funny, sometimes a little naughty and in the end intensely thought provoking and moving.

I didn't take any photos in the show (wasn't sure whether I was allowed to or not :S), but I have found this video of the girls promoting their show earlier this year in Federation Square; gives you a glimpse into exactly what we saw.

We went out for food/ dessert for a little while after too, and took the rudimentary outfit posts. Aren't these girls lovely?

This is a view of the Rundle Lantern from the east end of Rundle Street. It's effectively a facade to cover up the ugliness of a carpark, but I think it's lovely! Adds so much extra colour to the city.

And this is how I did my hair and make-up for the night! Rolls and a hair rat at the back.


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  1. you ladies look gorgeous..love your dress!!

  2. You guys look awesome!And you know.. it might sound odd - but you all have such perfect eye-brows! Tell us your secrets!

  3. Haha, I still love that picture where I have a sort of surprised look on my face.
    Love the photo editing, by the way. These look great. =D
    -Andi x

  4. Beautiful ladies! :)
    It sure looks like a great weekend! And thanks for sharing the Wonderful Sisters link, good singers!

  5. You all look lovely; I love your dress - it's a Trashy Diva Sadie isn't it?

  6. Rebeccak- haha thankyou!!! Thats lovely of you to say so! I actually dont have the best natural eyebrow in the world, it's very blond and the hair is a bit sparse, so i help them along a bit with an eyebrow pencil. I learnt at the Lindy Charm school for Girls that even if you have a thick/dark/nicely shaped brow naturally, you can benefit from a bit of pencil to create a smoother shape, especially where it tapers on the outer half. The aim is to get them so the whole brow can be seen from a distance. Wow, I've rambled! I hope that helps :)

    Andi- I love it too! Thanks for a great night out, I have more lovely pictures if you're interested in seeing them :)

    Ulrika- it most certainly is! Such a beautiful dress, i can't praise it enough. It's pretty much my favourite; both comfy and stylish.
    I've written about it before, in this post: http://anodetoreverie.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-21st-birthday.html

  7. ah! You all look lovely!! *sigh* I wish I had friends to dress up with! Everyone here lives and swears by jeans :(


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