It's my Blogiversary!

9:53 PM

Hey everyone :)
Guess what? My humble little blog is 1 year old! Who would have thought it?

Thankyou so much to all my followers, old and new. You really have made this a joy to me! I appreciate your interest and lovely comments so much, I baked you a cupcake! Don't eat it all at once now :)

I want to share with you a super easy little sweets recipe that I love to make for celebrations, and people love to eat them! Honestly, these little gems only take 10 minutes or so, once you have all your ingredients! And they look so cute, and of course, are so yummy! You can never stop at one!


You will need:

  • Your favourite milk chocolate! Tastes best with really good couverture chocolate, but most often I use Cadbury Milk chocolate, because its cheaper and so easy to get.
  • A bag of marshmallows
  • Smarties or m&ms (or other small colourful candy)
  • Mini patty pans
Okay! First, melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water, or in the microwave (but if you do it this way, be careful! chocolate burns at a really low temperature, so only put it in for short bursts, and stir well.)
Lay out your patty pans, and spoon a dollop of melted chocolate into the bottom. Make them a 1/3 to 1/2 full.
Push in a marshmallow, so the bottom is submerged in the chocolate. 
Put another tiny dab of chocolate on the top of the marshmallow, and stick your smartie on top. Repeat with as many as you need, or feel you can eat. 
Leave to set. Try and avoid putting them in the fridge, unless you want to eat them really fast, otherwise when you take them out, the condensation collects on the chocolate and the candy, and it can dull and fade the colour. They look best when they're bright, like a rainbow!

Don't they look so cute? 

Thanks again everyone, for taking the time to read my ramblings and take a peek at my pictures. I'd like to ask; is there anything you want to see on my blog? Do you have any ideas for posts? What do you like best about An Ode to Reverie? I'd love your feedback!

Much Love!

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  1. Then a very happy blogversary to you cuttie! I really like your new red dress by the really rock this color!

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Those cupcakes look absolutely delicious! x x

  3. Happy Blogiversary! and congratulations. and thanks for the cup cake, it's adorable. I think I'll have to try your recipe for easter with mini eggs, I'm pretty excited, so thanks!

  4. Yay! Happy blogiversary! :)
    Thosw cupcakes look super good!

  5. Ah I love those, we call them Top Hats here (altho I was talking to my boyfriend about them recently and he had no clue what I meant so maybe its just my family!) Happy Anniversary! :)

  6. Happy blogiversary!!and thanks for the cake. It was very good!

  7. they are gorgeous and I bet they're delicious!
    happy 1 year! xo

  8. Happy blog birthday! What a lovely treat! Its so pretty! I think I may make some today! I adore your blog! It has become my absolute favorite! I do have a question I've been meaning to ask you! A while back, I believe before or at Christmas time you got the most fabulous red hat that has been stuck in my mind since! Where on earth did you find such a gem!? I believe it may be the queen of all hats!

  9. Happy Birthday, An Ode to Reverie! Congrats! :)

  10. I don't even know you or anything but you seem lovely =) Thanks a lot for your comment! My new job is going pretty well.

    Unfortunately my camera is broken ='[ so I might take a little while trying to post pictures.

    I just had to buy that dress, it was £20 cheaper than where I was originally going to buy it from.

    Thanks for spending the time to look at my Tumblr. I hope you have given in and got one, although be warned you may become addicted =P

    Happy blogiversary, i'm your newest follower!


  11. Hey! We have the same blogoversary! But I forgot about mine... so I have decided to postpone and celebrate 13 months instead :) Happy blogoversary!

  12. Thankyou so much everyone for your lovely comments!!

    Amber- do you mean the hat i wore with my black dress with the red leaves from astral boutique? That one was from Dangerfield :)


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