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6:54 PM

Hello everyone!

I'm so sorry I've been AWOL this last week! Firstly I was frantically trying to finish my final assignments before the end of term, and then once everything was behind me and I had time to blog, our modem decided it had had enough and crashed, so for the last few days we had no internet. It's horrible isn't it, how much we rely in the web; I certainly felt it's absense, with no googling, no facebook, no checking etsy, and no blogger reading list to check for wonderful vintagey posts! Oh no! needless to say, there was lots of catching up to do today when we got it back :)

On Sunday afternoon, Jordan and I drove to Birdwood (nestled about an hour or so into the hills from Adelaide) for the Rock n' Roll Rendezvous. I'd never been before, so I was pretty excited! Unfortunately, I slept well past my alarm so we were only there for the last couple of hours. But we had so much fun! The day was beautiful, and the country surroundings were stunning!

I've never really been a car person, but these vintage hotrods were really something else. I found myself falling in love with the colours, the chrome, the detailing! Jordan and I got really snap-happy. A photographer's paradise!

 Jordan's poses make me laugh so much!

Anything to get the photo, right? :)

The colours are so beautiful!

This was my favourite of the day, a gorgeous 1956 Buick Century, in black and white with red on the tyres. So classy! I wouldn't mind a ride in it at all :)

Amongst all these stylish cars, there were also some very stylish people.

I loved all the matching couples!!!

I told Jordan that he and I are going to be like these two and match when we're old! I think he thought i was joking. I'm totally not joking :P

Right in the centre of it all was a stage and a giant wooden dance floor, which for the whole time we were there was a flurry of circle skirts and tapping of black and white brogues. Though Jordan and I didn't dance ourselves, we enjoyed watching for a bit.

I hope I am as cute as these girls when I am their age :)

And that was our afternoon!

We drove back home to stunning autumn leaves in Stirling and Cherry Gardens, and as we came down the hill the setting sun made the sky rainbow! It was so pretty.

Wait a second, Erin, I hear you all ask...
What was that you're wearing?
Why, it's perhaps the best little swing dress EVER!*

*I know, big claim.

Please excuse the ridiculous grimace on my face in this picture, but it really does describe how i feel about this dress! Its a 1940's dress in Mardi Gras print, from Trashy Diva, one of two dresses I bought from them recently. Isn't it perfect? It seems so suited for a bit of Lindy Hop, perfect for swinging out! I adore the print: little mini masks and fans. Its so playful!

Until next time friends, 

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  1. It looks like an incredible afternoon! I want all those cars!! They are just wonderful. I love your dress too - it looks like the perfect mix of practicality and pretty :)

  2. I was just thinking to myself that that was a cute dress so I will defs be popping over to check out the trashy diva website. Rock n Roll Reverie looks like Wintersun that used to be held in Cooly. Next year it is moving to Port Macquarie but Cooly is doing their own festival called Cooly Rocks On! I am looking forward to that in July and then Greazefest in August.

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely day-- I've never been a car person either-- but I actually would say 'yes' to a car show after seeing these beautiful photos!

  4. I love these photographs. They look like the set of 'Cry Baby' or 'Grease'- so swell (-:

  5. oh you look so cute!

    that sounds like a super fun day!

  6. What a cute dress! You look so pretty. I've never been a car person myself, but those bright 50s cars are something else; that turquoise-red-and-cream one just may be my dream vehicle!

  7. beautiful photos of beautiful cars overload!! amazing!!!!

  8. Your dress is perfect! What I lovely day! I love old cars :-)

    Your absence was felt and very sad! I'm glad your back! I was so happy to see a new blog post! The other day I was talking about you, to Stephen, casually something like, and Erin likes this...and Erin has this awesome hat...

    Haha and Stephen was like, whose Erin?!

    Needless to say, I missed you!

  9. This is so good reading about things so close by!Like the mention of stirling.. currently only 20minutes away from me! You need to do a tutorial on your hair, it is just so perfect!
    I too am not a car person, but old cars are just my favourites! Every time I see a retired couple driving round the hills in their vintage cars I promise myself that I will be doing that one day! Alongside my colour coordinated husband ;)

  10. I just wanted to say thank you for the comment on my last post about being unsettled. It was very kind and made me feel so much better. I must say I get quite a lot of fashion and hair inspiration from your blog. You always look so nice! Thank you for your comment and for posting all your lovely outfits. Kat xo

  11. That looks like such an fun and cozy event! You are so lucky!


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