Would you be Impressed? I WAS.

7:21 PM

Good afternoon everyone!!! Hope you had a great weekend!

I am super happy, as I'm still coming down from the high of an INCREDIBLE few days of live music here in Adelaide.

On Saturday night Jordan and I went to see Area 7 at the Squatters arms hotel. Originally a madness cover band, Area 7 were big in the late 1990's/ early 2000's; Aussies might remember this song being everywhere.

This for me, is a part of my childhood, a memory of growing up. And it's quintessentially Australian, down to earth, poking fun at everyday suburbia. Its wonderfully, unashamedly danceable. And yes, Australia is full of people like this :)

This one's up here for Jordan :)

Anyway, the venue was a little corner pub opposite Bonython Park, and they packed it out! People went mental, there was so much dancing and pushing and people were crowdsurfing indoors, kicking the lighting rigs and everything. I don't think they expected it at all! A few times Stevo (the singer) got his phone out to record us all. I'm so proud of the ska fans here, giving them such a reception;  hope they come back soon!

Sunday day was recovery, and in the evening Jordan and I met up with a couple of other friends, and we went to Enigma to see perhaps my FAVOURITE BAND OF ALL TIME play.

The first supporting band was local guys Son of Dad (they also supported Area 7 the previous night so I got a double treat). They are always amazing; they definitely make me proud to be a ska fan in Adelaide! Always tonnes of fun and stacks of energy.

extra kudos to any band that begins a song with a ukelele :)

Second band was a new one to me, Sydney based Chris Duke and the Royals. Along with some crazy-catchy original tunes, they played ska-ed up versions of songs from the Lion king. Considering when i was little i watched the lion king sometimes up to 3 times a day, they had me at 'I just can't wait to be king'. Freaking amazing! I'll definitely keep an eye out for them in the future.

Third band was a bit of a dampener- i don't know why the promoters chose to put a hardcore/metal band in the mix but i didn't like it one bit! Luckily there were couches, so we could rest a bit before the main event.

Streetlight Manifesto are way more than just ska punk. Based from New Jersey and fronted by Tomas Kalnoky, they are everything that epitomises good music. Upbeat guitar, changing tempos and styles, horns that interweave with complimentary but unique contrasting melodies, performances with masses of energy and vitality. They are the only band I know of that produces music you can sing every part ; not just the vocals but the guitar riff and the brass sections, and even the drums.

I had seen them twice before; once at hq with Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake (where they were only supporting but they were by far the highlight of the night), and once at the end of 2008 when I drove 8hrs to Melbourne with some friends to catch their headlining show, as they weren't coming to Adelaide. It was more than worth it.  And on Sunday night they were better than ever.

 Mr Tomas Kalnoky himself :) 

 all photos courtesy ninjahopeedutainment on fasterlouder.com.au

I absolutely lose myself in their music; I have never danced so hard, sung so loud, had so much fun.

I didn't take a camera with me this time, I can never make up my mind, because whenever i don't take one, I regret it, but when i do, i can't dance anywhere near as much because i don't wan't to break it! I'm so happy there are pics on the internet i can show you :)

 all photos courtesy ninjahopeedutainment on fasterlouder.com.au

I don't know if you can see, but theres me around the lower left corner above, the epitome of sweaty frazzled glamour (not!) in my red bandanna and navy blouse. Jordan's behind me, with the red hair, glasses and sideburns :) Our friend malcolm is the tall red head in green next to me, and that teeny little dark speck in front of me is Esther.

Heres a video of what Streetlight sound like live, so that you may share some of my joy. INCREDIBLE.

And THAT, dear friends, was my amazing weekend. Thanks for bearing with me! I'll be back to good old vintage posts soon.

I strongly suggest you check out more of Streetlight Manifesto. They have a few really amazing animated videos worth checking out, like this one, full of vengeful animals, BEWARE!

How did you spend your weekend? Hope you had just as much fun as I did!

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  1. oh man, it's been so long since I heard Streetlight Manifesto. Wonderful.

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend!! I love that you and your boyfriend attend concerts! I wish Stephen and I did that more often! We really want to see Arcade Fire, have you heard of them?

  3. How funny, my friends and I were at Area 7 too!What a great show...unfortaunty we missed the first two bands because we were at a party. I was feeling pretty sore the next day (from the pit and the many, many drinks consumed!) so we gave Streetlight Manifesto a miss....I wish we went though! Looks like you had a great time. It's great to see more ska around Adeliade! I will look out for you at the next show.
    x Molly
    p.s- hope you had fun at Kustom Kulture on the sunday :)

  4. Victoria- I love when other people have heard of the bands i like :) Far to often when i tell people i like ska i just get a 'huh?' in response :)

    Amber- I have heard of Arcade fire, but i don't really know their music! I'll have to look them up.

    Miss Molly- I did see you there :) You looked so pretty with your swirly hair, but i did notice towards the end you were getting a little battered in the pit, you poor thing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
    I'm sorry i didn't talk more at Kustom Kulture, I'm a little shy! I'll keep an eye out for you again, too.


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