Cobwebs in the corners, perhaps?

11:48 PM

Oh poor little blog, you've been so neglected for the past couple of weeks :(

But it hasn't been for no reason; I've been in Melbourne! I was getting all inspired at the 21st annual AGIdeas creative conference, wandering through galleries full of wonders and streets scattered with autumn leaves, stocking up on arts books and magazines, and, perhaps my favourite- seeking out the best coffee and chocolate I could find!

 I found these at San Churros Chocolateria at QV.  Don't you just love that 'Mug'? The chocolates are raspberry, lime and rose.

Thanks everyone for bearing with me, and a very special welcome to my new followers; I am overjoyed you're here! Normal blogging with resume shortly. I have some lovely things to share!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice pic... I' m hungry :D

    If you want visit and follow:


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