One dress, Three ways

10:27 PM

Well the cold is well and truly setting in in my neck of the world, folks! Not that I mind; I'm a winter girl myself, I love cosying up with a good book and a hot drink, while the rain falls outside.

I realised just a short time ago that there was a 'hole' in my wardrobe selection for winter; that perfect black dress that I could pull on whenever, that would match with anything. So I set out searching for such a dress.

My search led me to the Trashy Diva website, perhaps not surprisingly as I spend a lot of time there perusing those gorgeous frocks and their lovely prints :) There are quite a few suitable (and gorgeous!) black wintery dresses (the Sweetie Sleeve, Joan Studs, Mansfield, Americana and the Courtney Coat), but in the end I settled on the Jenny Long Sleeve; I loved the pleating detail on the bodice and the gathers across the bust.

It arrived to me in the same order as the 1940s dress in this post. And it was everything I had hoped for!!! The cut is lovely and flattering, and the weighted knit can only be described as luxurious to wear. My only problem is that the seams split in a few areas, but that didn't bother me as I'm good friends with my trusty sewing machine, and I had them together with a stretch stitch in no time. When I let Trashy Diva know, they responded with a whole lot of kindness and professional integrity, a real testament to how great a company they are. The service is second to none, and I'll keep buying from them for a long time to come.

Here are a few pics from this week, showing just how versatile a wardrobe staple like my pretty Jenny dress can be. So versatile, in fact, I may not take it off all winter... Just kidding :P

Scarf and gloves- Paisley Boutique, Glenelg
Shoes- Barkins

Belt- from my Trashy Diva Sadie dress
Shoes- Rubi Shoes
Hat- erachel on etsy
Umbrella- reproduction Parisian 1920s style from the Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne

Beret- my mother's
Gloves- vintage, gifted
Cardigan- Sparkles at Glenelg
Stockings- fully fashioned, What Katie Did
Shoes- Wittner


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  1. That is a gorgeous dress! I love the trashy diva stuff but have never bought anything. I do like to stalk their website though.

  2. Love it! Sucha great shape - always handy to have those fail-safe basics!

  3. What a fantastic dress! I need something like this myself ;] I'm the same as Kat - I'm always stalking the TD site but not buying anything. I just can't afford it, at the moment, to be honest! One day...
    -Andi x

  4. Absolutely beautiful. That goes both for the dress and you. :) Actually I've been eyeing that exact same dress myself...

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words, it cheered me up lots! =)

    The dress is a great investment and from a place that I'm not familar with but after taking a peek they have some lovely stuff. My favourite outfit is a toss between 2 & 3. I love your shoes in the third outfit too.

    How do you get your hair looking so good in your first picture? I have tried pin-curls but it went wrong hehe.


  6. I just stumbled on your blog and I love it!

    Your style is AMAZING! :)

  7. Love the Jenny and almost bought it a few times but then always fall for something more colourful or flashy. Definitely on my to-buy list now, as you look amazing in it!

  8. Amazing! Love all three looks (-:

  9. Looks fantastic on you!

    I just ordered this - I was actually inspired by your pic on the Trashy Diva Facebook page! But I'm a bit concerned to read about the seams splitting?! What did they say when you wrote to them about it?

    I have a lot of Trashy Diva (like, an embarrassing amount) and I haven't had any quality issues like this before.

  10. Thanks so much for all your lovely notes, ladies :)

    Andi- I was a bit the same, but I took the plunge an though the prices are a bit higher than I'd like, everything I've bought I've hardly wanted to take off! It's well worth the investment.

    Ruth May- Thankyou so much, that makes me smile!

    Drappa- I know what you mean! If I hadn't been searching for that particular black wardrobe staple I perhaps would have bought a dress in one of their glorious prints or bold colours :)

    lucindajane- I wrote an email to Trashy Diva, and let them know. They mentioned that someone else had had problems too, and that they would do all they could to amend the problem for future buyers. Mine was easily fixed with a stretch stitch straight from the wrist to the hemline, it took me a couple of minutes so I wasn't bothered at all! I told them it hadn't changed my opinion of them at all (because lets face it, they have a tonne of other brilliantly designed clothing at top notch quality) but they were also lovely enough to give me store credit, even though i wasn't really disgruntled or anything. Their understanding was well beyond what I expected of them, so you can rest assured if you have a problem with the dress they will do everything they possibly can to make you happy! :) The mark of a great brand, I think! I'm very flattered you liked my picture, I hope you don't come across any issues :)
    Thanks so much for your message :)

  11. Thanks Erin for your detailed reply! I'm glad the issue is easily fixed - I can't sew myself but I know a good tailor who'll be able to help me if I come across the same issues.

    I had to order a size down from my usual in the Jenny Long Sleeve because they were sold out of size 4, so I think some of the seams may be going to be under a bit of strain and I wouldn't be surprised if the same happens to me. Although, judging by the measurements this dress runs a little large anyway.

    I also have the Mansfield dress in the same fabric, which I've only worn once so far and haven't noticed any problems yet. Fingers crossed!

  12. love all the combinations,but the last one is definitely my favourite one!!

  13. I love that second and third picture - both of them have a goddard feel to them, like the first one something to be worn to a maddeningly boring party with your boyfriend's friends that's bathed in red light in a paris flat and a runaway trip to the seaside!

  14. each one looks so different from the next! You did a great job remixing the outfit. I love how they all look!!


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