Announcing: the giveaway winner!

11:28 AM

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry, before I knew it Wednesday night turned into Thursday morning! Sorry about that. But it is indeed time to reveal the winner of my little Elk Balloon brooch giveaway!!!

The entrants' names were written on individual little pieces of paper and placed into one very spiffing top hat. They were swirled and shaken, and then I pulled one out at random (I swear I didn't peek :D). And the winner's name is hiding in the strawberry patch :)

It's Lexy Mademyday! Congratulations!

All you need to do now it send me an email with your details to, and I'll have your little brooch flying all the way to Paris just for you. I wish I could fly to France along with it, but alas :)

Thanks to all who entered and my biggest thanks again for following my little blog. I feel so privileged to be part of such a wonderful online community!

Normal blogging will resume soon, I promise. I haven't been very well lately, and that woozy feeling combined with too much study has me feeling quite down in the dumps. But I think theres a light at the end of the tunnel and I have some nice posts lined up for when I have time to post them. Soon!
Much Love!

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