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Tonight Jordan and I went to the Adelaide Central Market for tea! We'd been talking about going for weeks, but hadn't been able to go until now- I have an uncanny habit of being rostered on to work Friday night for weeks and weeks in a row :S But we finally made it!

Jordan took me to this little Asian restaurant off the side of the main fresh food area. I had yummy Japanese Udon, with the tastiest chicken (though I had hokkien noodles in my soup), and Jordan had seafood laksa. He said it's the best laksa he's ever had, and though I was skeptical at first, after a taste I had to agree! I'll definitely get it next time :)

The Markets are such a treat for the senses. The atmosphere on Friday nights is buzzing; there are so many incredible smells and sounds, and the colours just blow me away! I find them so inspiring :)

Aren't these chairs gorgeous?!

I bought two big pots of Arcadia Spice Chai (the orange one in the background). It tastes just like the vanilla Chai in the foreground, only less sickly sweet and more 'cinamonny' if that makes sense :) Chai is becoming my go to drink for whenever I'm feeling cold (so, increasingly quite a lot!). It's hearty and comforting, and reminds me of open fires and homecooked goodies baking in the oven :)

The smell here = <3

The HUGEST chocolate crackles I have ever seen! 

I came home with a very happy tummy and some delectable dainties for later; some poppy seed bagels (which are a scarcity in supermarkets here in Aus, unfortunately, because I love them!), a bag of little chocolates from the amazing array above (which have miraculously survived the night so far :P) and my first ever macaron! It was chocolate, with a chocolate cream ganache inside and I must say macarons are heaven on the tastebuds. And not only that, they're the prettiest little sweets too! Oh my! I'm totally hooked!

Have I made you hungry? hehe. Do you have markets close by, or somewhere you go on a night out, just for the atmosphere? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

A very good night to you all!

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  1. Heheh you know, I was actually going to visit the markets tonight to do my grocery shopping but it was too cold for me to leave the house. I'm planning a visit tomorrow though as they really do have good quality foods at ridiculously low prices. Just wish I had a back basket on my bike as it would make it so much easier to carry home.

    If you ever want company again, let me know! It's only about 10-15mins ride into town from my new place and I do love the markets! And catching up with you, lovely lady! :D

  2. chocolate croissant please!!!! wow!!! all of these things look so great!!

  3. Oh I am so jealous! All that delicious looking food reminds me of the Borough Markets in London. The only night markets on the coast are in Surfers Paradise and are really touristy stuff so not a lot of locals go there. We go to the farmers markets on Sunday mornings which is lovely.

  4. Mmm. This is definitely making me hungry! I love the markets, but your photos make it look a whole lot prettier than it is. =]
    -Andi x

  5. Lovely photos. Those chocolates look delicious and I love the brightly painted chairs.

  6. Beautiful photos! Looking at that chocolate just made me want to go get some chocolate myself. I wish we had night markets in Auckland, because I never manage to make it to morning markets early enough. I need to stop being so slack haha

  7. This is my first visit/comment on your blog, so apologies ahead of time for a very long comment ^_^

    First off, where is this wonderful looking market at? I am absolutely drooling over those chocolates! And chocolate crackles? What are those? They sound delightful and crunchy and I want one. HAHA! MMmm and macarons, I can never say no to one. There is a little French cafe close to my apartment that has these delicious pastel pretties that I can never say no to try as I might to resist.

    There are quite a couple markets in LA I frequent, and still so many to visit and explore. I live closest to the LA Farmer's Market at the Grove and it's pretty tourist-y but still a lot of yummy food options and lots of things to look at and see (including an old toy/trinket shop that has deadstock vintage goodies that used to cost a dime) There's also a market in downtown LA which is the oldest. It's great for cheap delicious food but not really a place to go hang out at in the evening hours.

    Oh phew, hope you made it through this ridiculously long comment. ^_^ Have a wonderful day!

    with love,

  8. Abi- Yay, I'm so glad you commented! It would have been a pleasure running into you. I trust you're doing ok, in your new place and everything? I think a coffee is in order. Theres a new macaron place on hutt st I've been meaning to visit, maybe you're interested :P

    Victoria- I wish i could post you one! The pastries smelled so yummy :)

    Kat- The Central Market is only open late on Fridays, hence why I never manage to get there. I don't know whether theres any other late night markets in Adelaide? None that I've heard of. I'm so envious of your big europe trip! Looks so amazing! I would have loved to have wondered the markets over there, I'm sure they would put these humble little ones to shame!

    Andi- I think they're pretty enough :P

    AnnaBanana- Thankyou! <3 I like the chairs too, so wonderful how a simple thing like colour can change the mood so much.

    KZ- Thanks so much! hehe chocolate is my weakness! I'd love to go to some morning markets too, but I'm too lazy or I'm working, and i don't think it'd do much for the waistline!

    Rodellee- Thanks so much for stopping by! I was absolutely overjoyed to see your comment, its such a lovely thing to hear what you think, certainly makes me smile!
    The Central Market is in the middle of the city, in Adelaide, South Australia. Its the hub of fresh produce and sits next to chinatown, so there are lots of great places to eat, and sights, sounds and smells. Chocolate crackles are dessert snackfoods, made with ricebubbles/coco pops, chocolate and copha, and mixed together and set in patty pans. They are sweet and crunchy when you bite into them. A bit of a rite of passage for me growing up :) A French Patisserie right next door? My, its a wonder you ever make it anywhere else! What a treat :)
    LA is so big and sounds absolutely wonderful for exploring. Adelaide is more like a big country town, you can walk from one end to the other in no time at all! Its nice (everyone seems to know everyone, the peak hour traffic is hardly anything at all and theres no real hustle and bustle) but it means little gems like that little trinket shop you mentioned wouldn't survive here for lack of people to frequent it. It's sad, though that being said, my little city is a bit on the verge of an arts revolution. Certainly exciting to see.
    Thanks so much again, for your comment. I feel really privileged that you stopped by :)

  9. I'm drinking Chai right now! Mmm those chocolates look so yummy too! I hope you are well Erin :-) I've missed reading your blog!


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