Love and lace over the ages

11:52 PM

It would be fair to say that for the last few weeks I've been thinking about weddings. Just a little bit :)

I went to a bridal fair a fortnight or so ago, and came away with a tonne (literally, I could barely lift it all!) of literature - magazines, books and the like - full of images of brides in huge foofy meringue dresses, bejewelled with crystals and sequins in funky patterns. Seems the vogue at the moment is bigger is better?! While those gowns may suit the fairy tale princess, to be honest none of them particularly catch my fancy.

They aren't really my style though, what I have in mind is much more sleek, elegant, classic... and, of course, a little bit vintage inspired :)

While looking through old family albums for a tafe project, I stumbled across these old prints. My grandparents, great grandparents and other relatives; all very real, and very beautifully dressed, on their own wedding days. These photos are such treasures; truly, there is a lot of inspiration to be had from my own lineage.

Greatgrandparents Heinrich and Wilhelmina Prenzler (my mother's father's parents), 1920s.
While not the style I have in mind for myself, I absolutely adore the silhouette of this gown purely for being so very quintessential of the era.

Greatgrandparents Carl and Lotte Pfitzner (my mother's mother's parents), 1930s
absolutely breathtaking, right? 

Myrtle Hage and bridesmaid, c. 1930s
Not a direct relative (I think she was an uncle's grandparent's friend or something :S), but this photo was so utterly stunning I just couldn't leave it out.

My nanna Maureen (Dad's mum) and cute, weedy little grandfather Albert to the left. (He was a jazz singer, by the way) :) c. Late 1940s.
I absolutely adore her neckline, the wide collar and buttons. And just LOOK at her bridesmaid. immaculate hair.

My Grandmother Renate and Grandpa Ted, c. 1950s. 
Grandma was so young here, only 20. She died when I was 8, but she's one of the most beautiful people I've ever known :) You can definitely see her poise here. And how cute were her bridesmaids? Their dresses were so lovely; mum told me they were all different pastel colours- apricot, mint green, soft pink.

Grandma again with her mother, and her sister Grace.

And finally... not a wedding dress but an outfit just as lovely- this is grandma's going away outfit. so cute :)

Thanks for sharing these with me!

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  1. Thank you for sharing:) They are all so lovely -and those gloves for your grandma's going away outfit are adorable!

  2. Oh my god Erin, that is So cute !
    I'm actualy preparing the same kind of post with my family.
    It take me so much time because I can't stop crying seeing my grand mother, aunties and rest of the family so young and beautiful. ^^

    Thnaks again for sharing those with us. Charline

  3. Oh I love Grandma Renate's bridesmaid dresses. I think something like that would actually make a really nice wedding dress.

  4. These are such treasures! So many pretty flowery headpieces. Your grandma looks so lovely!

  5. You have beautiful relatives! I love all of the dresses and hair styles! Thank you for sharing :-) I can't wait to see what you pick out!

  6. Beautiful, I especially like the thirties ones; the studio settings and so. Was your grandfather a priest? seems so from his collar.

  7. Thanks for this post, I'm in love with family pics! Your're so lucky to have these!
    ps:I just discovered the TV show "Say yes To The Dress", it's somehow inspiring...but very american!;)

  8. ohhhhh my, that third image really is stunning! they're all beautiful images :)


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