Our Wedding {Getting Ready}

4:18 PM

Welcome to my first wedding post! I'm so excited to share these with you!
It's taken me a while to go through our pictures, there's so many of them! I've had to cut them down heaps to show you, and I'll be doing a few installment posts. Our photography was done by a good friend of my dad's, Edwin Niczynski, who also happens to be an award winning AIPP photographer. Convenient! Such a talented guy, too! He gave us a lot of freedom and let us edit the photos ourselves.

After not getting much (read: any!) sleep the night before, I met my bridesmaids on the morning at Stangate House, which was our venue. We were able to use the front rooms of the 1940s homestead while the boys and our family set up for the ceremony and reception in the garden's outside.

My hair and makeup was done by Gemma Vendetta, a local artist who specialises in authentic vintage styling. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, so passionate about what she does and just a lovely genuine person to get along with! I really appreciated her patience and her meticulous attention to detail. You can see her other work here. 

To help with the bridesmaid's hair and makeup, I called in one of my sister in law's best friends, Sarah, to help. She was a godsend!!! So talented and she understood what I had in mind and what suited each of the girls. She did an absolutely perfect job :)

I always knew I wanted 40's rolls for my wedding, but getting them right took a bit of fiddling :)

I chose the design for my bridesmaids based on a 50's vintage piece I found on etsy. The girls came shopping with me for fabric and chose the colours. A good friend of my Aunts and capable seamstress, Jenny Trotta, made them to compliment my dress.

 The set up for the ceremony, almost complete :)

Putting my dress on :) It's my own design (an amalgamation of 40's & 50's vintage styles I've seen and loved), interpreted and made by Ally Lynch of Betrothed Bridal in Norwood. I have plenty more photos of me in my dress but I'll save them for a later post so I don't overwhelm you all :)

With my bridesmaids and my dad, just before the start of the ceremony!

Well, that's it for now. There's plenty more to come!
See you again soon,

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  1. These photos make me want to get married right away! Hope your day was as beautiful as your dress!!

  2. OMG! You look stunning! And your dress, and the bridesmaids dresses....swoon! I cant wait to see more photos.Congratulations! :)


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