Our Wedding {The Reception}

12:01 PM

Here's a few photos from our reception. Thankyou to everyone who has left lovely comments, I'm really delighted that you like the pictures so far!

We had our reception at the same venue as the ceremony, but on a bigger lawn, across the creek and under a big old oak tree. We had cricket, bocce and some other games set up, so people had some things to do while we were occupied with photos.

The marquee set up on the lawn.

We decorated it with paper parasols, cranes and fabric bunting sewn by my mother-in-law.

Malcolm, Jordan's best man and a very dear friend of ours, emceed.

For lunch, we had a buffet of roast meats and vegetables, and a huge selection of different salads. Absolutely delicious, and fantastic for filling the belly, as we were pretty starving! 

My dad, doing his speech.

These two little girls had never met before the day, but became best friends! It was so strange but beautiful to see different worlds collide like that :)

 Jordan's dad doing his speech. Ample embarrassing moments were shared.

And Mal's speech. It was pretty hilarious.

Jordan's turn. He wrote it on his phone :)
I had a speech too, but it was impromptu; I missed thanking lots of people and in all the photos I'm flailing peculiarly so I'm not going to share those. So silly. 

For bonboniere we decided to have a lolly bar. I thought perhaps the young ones would enjoy it but it was an all round smash hit!!! At one point there was a line from one end of the tent to the other of people waiting to fill up their bags with goodies. I can highly recommend having one!


Our wedding cake (or, all 5 of them) was made by my Uncle. It's exquisite hazelnut sponge and mousse and milk chocolate.

 My uncle proudly sharing his cake.

Our rings.

For dessert we had a bar made up of cakes from Muratti, some homemade cakes by my mother-in-law, and french macarons also made by her and Annie, my new sister-in-law.

The macarons were sensational!

After the reception we left with an archway, so much fun!

Running away, happily ever after :)

And that's the end of the event-type photos! If you made it this far, Thankyou and I'm sorry, haha!
The next ones I have to share are of us and our bridal party. Theres some pretty ones, some handsome ones, and some really silly ones. Please hang around!
Wishing you all the very best of days,

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  1. looks like such an amazing day congrats!! i love the paper umbrellas!

  2. I was grinning as I looked at these pics. Such gorgeous, happy pics.

    I LOVE the colours, the flowers are perfect. Your posie, hair, dress... and all the boys are cute, too. ;)

  3. All of these pictures are so lovely!

    I love all of the colors, the venue, the food, everything! :P

    And your dress!!! My goodness it is stunning!

    Congrats, lady! Wishing you lots of love and happiness.

  4. What an amazing looking reception! I love the coloured parasols hanging from the roof, and the lolly table is a fab idea. Looks like you all had an amazing time :)

  5. Oh my days you look stunning. My housemate and I have just drooled all over these photos! Absolutely incredible. xxx

  6. such a wonderful wedding! the colours, the origami birds, you look stunning. it's all so incredibly simple and lightweight but amazingly elegant at the same time.


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